About us

In 2014, Ray Brower dropped their first album 'Speaking Truthfully. Thinking Brave' after winning a local Battle of the Bands. Their single 'Not All Hope Is Lost' climbed to the number 1 spot on the iTunes metal charts, while the album held steady in the top 30 for months. Their sound is a fusion of nu-metal, hardcore, and spoken word, perfect for heavy rock fans. They recently shared the stage with touring US band 'Listener' and played the MainStage at Hellfest, France. They're hungry for more and even opened Hellfest's MainStage in 2017 after winning a Deezer BOTB. The festival founder and Deezer's Manager of Rock and Metal were impressed by their unique sound, leading to an exclusive live set release from Hellfest 2016. Keep an eye out for their highly anticipated second album, dropping soon!